How to find the library features

发布: 2017-7-03 05:08 | 作者: xiaoyisimonguo | 来源: EETOP 赛灵思(Xilinx) 社区

I am running synthesis in DC with loaded a few library DB's: Loading db file '/home/dubeeloo/proj/DFTcompiler/DFTorTiming/sc_max.db' Loading db file '/home/dubeeloo/proj/DFTcompiler/DFTorTiming/io_max.db' Loading db file '/home/dubeeloo/proj/DFTcompiler/DFTorTiming/rams_max.db' Loading db file '/home/dubeeloo/proj/DFTcompiler/DFTorTiming/special.db' But my setting wire_load_model: set_wire_load_model –name LARGE and setting operating conditions: set_operating_conditions WORST all turn out to be errors, : The library in db format is not readable, does DC have a command that could give me library information, like wire load models I could use, what operation conditions I could use Please help
swary (2017-7-03 10:37:55)
xiaoyisimonguo (2017-7-04 02:01:18)
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